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Eight Great Under-$25 Christmas Items For Movie And TV Fans

It’s that time of year again, when you’re struggling to find a Christmas gift for friends and family during the hectic holiday season. If you’re looking to buy a nice little gift or stocking stuffer for someone that’s an entertainment fan, then you’re in luck. These eight items are great choices for many television and movie buffs out there.


World’s Best Boss Mug (The Office)




Mugs are clearly among the safest gifts out there. They can last for decades and can be used often by the person you give it to. For fans of The Office, Michael Scott’s “World’s Best Boss” mug is sure to get a laugh and a smile.


Twin Peaks Sheriff Department Mug (Twin Peaks)




Another mug makes the list, but Twin Peaks fans will absolutely love this one. The mug from the Twin Peaks Sheriff Department is exactly like the one used by Agent Cooper, Sheriff Truman, and company.


The Great Northern Hotel Room Key (Twin Peaks)




This trinket will bring back a lot of memories for those that watched the original Twin Peaks on ABC 25 years back. Most people today might look at this old-time room key and not have any idea what it is.


“You Best Not Miss” Shirt (The Wire)




One of the most iconic quotes in television history comes from the notorious Omar from HBO’s The Wire, and this shirt displays it. While it might be a bit brash to wear out in public, it’d still make a fine gift.


Wonder Woman Pop! Figure




Wonder Woman has become even more of a popular character that many young girls—and people in general—look up to, with Gal Gadot doing such a great job of playing the character in a few DC movies. This would be a heartwarming gift to many.


Night King Ice Cubs (Game of Thrones)




Is it worth $20 to get ice cubes a certain shape? You can decide for yourself, but if you’re going to make your ice cubes the shape of anything, the Night King is the way to go. The mini tray also works as a collector’s item on its own.


Iron Throne Ornament (Game of Thrones)




For Game of Thrones fans, an Iron Throne ornament would be a good fit on their Christmas tree. It’s three inches and is a silver-ish color that won’t stand out too much, giving a subtle nod to your fandom.


Anything Porg (Star Wars)




This is an easy one for any young Star Wars fan. Porgs are the new, cute character on the block. There’s even a bobble-head with both Chewbacca and a Porg!


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