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Games That Should Be In The Olympics

With the Olympics adding 3-on-3 basketball for the 2020 Olympics, it got me thinking of other events should be added to future Olympic games.


Flag Football

Regular football has almost no chance of being in the Olympics—at least not anytime soon. The United States would dominate anyway. But flag football? Other countries might have a chance. I’d still put my money on Team USA taking gold in flag football in the Olympics, but maybe some team with a lot of fast guys (Zimbabwe, maybe?) might be able to get lucky and top the Americans. This would instantly become one of the most popular and most watched Olympic sports.


Pool Basketball

3-on-3 blacktop-style basketball is being added, so why not add another basketball event to the Olympics? Water polo—which takes place in the water, of course—is one of the most entertaining Olympic events. Pool basketball might take things to a whole new level. It’d basically be basketball in a pool (probably 3-on-3, depending on the court size). Maybe even a variant of H-O-R-S-E. Gronk would be on board.




Speaking of H-O-R-S-E, let’s get that in the Olympics while we’re at it. It doesn’t take an extraordinary amount of athletic ability, so it would open the door for some old Olympians to get in the games—they’d just have to work on their shot…a lot.


“Dude Perfect” Competition

Well this wouldn’t be the exact name for it, but a trick shot competition of sorts would be must-see TV. Judges would rate the trick shots on a scale of 1-10. As long as there are no Russian judges, we should be good.



An all-time classic Phys Ed game, dodgeball would become a fan-favorite in the Olympics. The NFL added the event to the Pro Bowl festivities this year, and the Olympics should consider the same. The Purple Cobras would be considered the heavy favorites from the United States.

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