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Mayweather vs. McGregor Full Fight Preview And Predictions

Summer is almost over, but the biggest event of the season might be happening tonight in Las Vegas, as Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor finally step into the ring after months of rumors, trash talk, and hype. If you were unaware, Mayweather—who is considered one of the greatest boxers of all-time—is going for a perfect 50-0 record, while McGregor is a UFC champion fighting in his first boxing match.


There’s not much question the crowd will be heavy in McGregor’s favor—as he put it at yesterday’s weigh-in, “Las Vegas is Ireland now.” Most people also seem to believe McGregor will win the fight, but it could be because they want him to win. While he shouldn’t be considered the favorite (and he isn’t), this should be exciting one way or another.


Tale of the Tape

Age: Mayweather, 40 | McGregor: 29

Nationality: Mayweather, United States | McGregor: Ireland

Height: Mayweather, 5’8” | McGregor, 5’9”

Weight: Mayweather, 149.5 pounds | McGregor, 153 pounds

Stance: Mayweather, orthodox | McGregor, southpaw

Reach: Mayweather, 72” (183 cm) | McGregor, 74” (188 cm)

Fights: Mayweather, 49 | McGregor, 0 (MMA: 24)

Wins: Mayweather, 49 | McGregor: 0 (MMA: 21)

Losses: Mayweather: 0 | McGregor: 0 (MMA: 3)

Draws: Mayweather: 0 | McGregor: 0

Knockouts: Mayweather: 26 | McGregor: 0 (MMA: 18)



T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada


How to watch

The pay-per-view is on Showtime, which you order through your television provider. You can also purchase a stream of the fight through Showtime PPV, UFC TV, the PlayStation Store, or Sling TV.



The pay-per-view is scheduled to begin at 9:00 PM ET/6:00 PM PT, but the fight will not start then. There will be about two hours of pre-fight coverage before things really start to get going around 11:00 PM ET/8:00 PM PT, with the fighters getting ready to walk out. The fight should begin before midnight ET.



We’ve gathered a few predictions on the fight, with the majority believing Mayweather will win handily.


John: Mayweather wins by knockout in the 4th round

McGregor says he’s going to go after Mayweather, but his overconfidence might come back to hurt him. Obviously, Mayweather is a great defensive fighter and will easily fend off McGregor’s shots before knocking him out in one of the early-mid rounds.


Dylan: Mayweather wins by TKO in the 8th round

I’m not going to say there is no way Connor could win, but it’s simply a puncher’s chance. Look for Floyd to get too many good shots in for the fight to continue past the middle rounds.


Kevin: Mayweather wins by unanimous decision

There have been doctors talking about how McGregor is not safe in the ring by fighting Mayweather, but I think Floyd might take some mercy on him. After all, McGregor is helping him get another $100 million by agreeing to fight. I think Mayweather wins every single round.


Frank: McGregor wins by knockout in the 3rd round

McGregor has hands of stone, and he shows it tonight against Mayweather. Floyd, at 40-years-old, might not be ready for a young and wild guy like McGregor to come on an all-out attack against him. I think it’d have to happen early but that McGregor will get it done and shock the world.


David: Mayweather wins by knockout in the 10th round

A great thing about boxing (and MMA, but I prefer boxing) is all it takes is one punch to catch someone and win, so McGregor has a chance—but it’s a slim one. McGregor has 18 knockouts since 2012, so he obviously has the power, but Floyd might be the defensive fighter and counter-puncher of all-time. I think he’ll easily handle McGregor all night before going for the KO late in the fight—and getting it.


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