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Reaction: Vince McMahon Announces The Return Of The XFL

Months of speculation have come to a head today, as WWE Chairman Vince McMahon officially announced the return of the XFL during a 3:00 PM ET press conference in which he answered questions. The thing McMahon made most clear about the XFL is that he wants it to be about the fans, and he wants the opinion of the fans to help make the league better. McMahon also wants the XFL to “re-imagine the game of professional football.”


The XFL will launch in early 2020, so there is some time to get everything together (the cities have not yet been decided and there seems to be a lot in the air). But this is what we know so far:


  • There will be ten teams, with 40 players on each roster.
  • All the teams will be owned by the league, so there are no individual franchises with owners.
  • The games are expected to take place starting in late January/early February, and there will be four playoff teams.
  • McMahon did not come out and say it, but players will be required to stand for the national anthem. McMahon noted the national anthem has been played before sporting events as tradition. He indicated there will be rules that players will have to follow to be in the XFL, and it certainly sounds like standing for the anthem will be one of them.
  • McMahon says the XFL wants “really good football” and is not concerned about making political statements. The XFL is for football, and McMahon stated the players have many other platforms to make political statements if they choose.
  • Criminals will not be allowed in the XFL. If you had a DUI, you will not be allowed in the league. Many are praising this rule because it brings a level of class to the league.
  • They want to make the game “as safe as possible” and McMahon made it clear they will really listen to medical experts and take their advice.
  • The XFL’s goal is to get the games to about two hours.
  • None of the reporters asked, but it sounds like there is a chance it will not be 11-on-11.



Now to some Twitter reaction from the announcement:







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