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Ten Of The Best Christmas Cookies To Make This Holiday Season

Perhaps more than any other point, Christmas is a time for cookies, and the most wonderful time of the year even has a type cookie (Gingerbread) that’s pretty much dedicated to it. There are dozens of options to choose from, but these are ten of the best to have this Christmas season (in no particular order).



They became widely associated with Christmas, so Gingerbread cookies are a great choice. You can go with a full Gingerbread house to go along with the Gingerbread Men—and you can also go with a normal type of cookie in the Gingerbread shape.


Sugar cookies

These can be designed in the shape of Gingerbread Men, in the shape of snowmen, in the shape of reindeer—basically whatever comes to mind associated with Christmas. Sugar cookies are among the safest choices.


Chocolate chip

The safest choice of all is the classic chocolate chip cookie. Typically, these are the type of cookie that the kids leave out for Santa Clause, and they are the perfect combination with a glass of milk.


Ricotta cookies

We’re now getting into the Italian cookies here, and Ricotta are right up there at the top of the list. Santa probably wouldn’t mind if these sweet cookies with icing on top were left for him.


Biscotti cookies

Biscotti cookies are another classic that have a ton of different tasty variations. They’re great plain or maybe with some sprinkles, but you can also add chocolate, icing, or nuts to them.


Pizzelle cookies

The thin-but-wide pizzelles are a bit like cookie waffles, and they look like it too. Pizzelles are normally made with anise and/or vanilla, and some powdered sugar can add a little more to it, too.


Shortbread cookies

They might be extremely basic, but shortbread cookies are a classic. A lot of you have probably had the “Danish butter cookies” that come in a tin, and shortbread cookies are similar to that.



Biscuit cookies are a key at this time of the year, and Macaroons fall into that category. They can come in different flavors and colors.



Another basic-but-good Christmas cookie choice is the snickerdoodle, as they have a slightly harder outside to go along with its soft center.


Triple chocolate

And to end, chocolate lovers might not get their fix with the traditional chocolate chip cookie or some of these others, so triple chocolate would really appeal to them.


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