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The Mayweather/McGregor Press Tour Starts Today

One of the—if not the—big event of the summer doesn’t take place until August 26, when the 49-0 Floyd Mayweather faces UFC champion and superstar Conor McGregor in Las Vegas. Today starts the four-day press tour taking place across the globe. The four press conferences take place in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York City, and London, but luckily, we can witness them all on YouTube or Facebook.


As you might have heard, Conor McGregor is an absolute legend when it comes to trash talking. Exhibit A from last September:



The two have traded barbs on social media, including McGregor posting a video with the famous Ivan Draggo quote from Rocky IV, “If he dies, he dies.”



There is no question the all-time great Mayweather will be the reserved one when it comes to these press conferences, but he’s sure to be confident and could give some talk right back to McGregor.


While the fight on August 26 is sure to be a must-watch spectacle, the real fight could be happening over these next four days and the lead up to the fight. It’s boxing, and anything can happen, but no one seriously expects McGregor to be able to pull off an upset.


Look for him to get in some nice shots on the mic in advance of the fight, though.


You can watch the first press conference today at 5:00 PM ET here:


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