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The ‘TB12 Method’ App Is One Of The Best Mobile Downloads You Can Make

At 40 years old and still performing as well as ever, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his TB12 Method is on the cutting edge of training and lifestyle. As the oldest non-kicker in the NFL, I still saw Brady launch a 70-yard pass against the Jets several weeks ago—what he’s doing is clearly working. That’s why I was delighted to see TB12 just released a “TB12 Method” app (intentionally released on 12/12), and it really blew me away.



For those that read Brady’s “The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance”, much of the TB12 Method app will be a refresher—but it also has so much more. When the app took a few seconds to download, I was surprised to see how much content there is when I opened it. There’s the introduction to the TB12 Method, along with insight on obtaining “The Peak Performance Mindset”, which focuses on remaining positive and committed with a growth mindset.



There’s also the “Intro to Pliability” from TB12 Co-Founder Alex Guerrero, who is Brady’s personal “Body Coach” and crafter of the TB12 Method along with Brady. It’s part of the “Body Coaches’ Corner”, which will have Body Coaches sharing new knowledge each week on the app.



Scattered throughout the “Discover” tab of the app, there are some of the products and items that’ll help you get the job done in achieving Peak Performance. There are links to the electrolytes, protein bars, snacks, crunch, and protein powder (all TB12 and used by Brady himself) for the nutrition and hydration aspect. Then there’s the looped band kits, shoulder performance kits, vibrating roller, and vibrating sphere for the exercise aspect.


All the exercise gear (assuming you buy the Pro Looped Kit over the Basic Looped Kit) runs you $660, but it basically gives you all you need to do all the exercises. Then on Brady’s TB12 site, a weighted vest, medicine ball, agility ladder, and performance mat are also all available.


The “Workout of the Week” appears to be free for all users of the app, but you can really take things to another level by “subscribing” to the TB12 Method for $19.99/month or $199.99/year (with both offering a free 7-day trial—but be careful, as it says you need to cancel at least 24 hours before the trail period is over).


Subscribing gives you access to over 400+ exercises, with the ability to focus training on a particularly sport (or you can just do “all-purpose athlete”, which is probably best for the everyday person just trying to train with no particular sport in mind). It’s a step up from “The TB12 Method” book, which doesn’t give quite as much personalization when it comes to the workouts (and doesn’t have 400+ of them).


The subscription asks you a few questions—including how many days per week you’d like to work out and what equipment you have available out of the handle bars (shoulder kit), long looped bangs, short looped bands, and medicine ball—and then it creates a workout plan for you to follow right in the app. It’s right on par with apps from some of the big sports companies that have been around for decades, and I would think a lot of time went into crafting this app.


Keeping up with refills of the electrolytes and protein powder will of course add up, but you can get all the gear needed to work out like the greatest quarterback of all-time for under $1,000, which equates to about a year or year-and-a-half of the average gym membership. And you can work out right in your own home or a room, along with what they are calling on the app a “training plan”.



One of the best things about the TB12 app is the food-making videos. If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen the food videos from Delish, Tasty, etc. The app does the same thing, as it shows you exactly how to make the food with the ingredients. For people like me that have trouble cooking, this is really great. Currently, there are three free videos, but by subscribing there are seven more available right now—and that number will increase, as they say more will be added weekly.



The app also has videos for pliability with the vibrating sphere and vibrating foam roller, which is really helpful. Brady’s book did a nice job of explaining everything in depth, but actually seeing it in a video helps you understand and grasp it quicker. I’m really hoping they insert videos for the actual workouts, too, as that would also be very helpful.


Many people aren’t able to get up to Foxborough to Brady’s TB12 Sports Therapy Center for appointments, and they actually have a waiting list because of the interest from people. But this TB12 Method app really makes it easy for anyone to get as close to being at the TB12 Sports Therapy Center as possible without actually being there. Overall, the TB12 Method app is beautifully designed and easy to use, and I highly recommend anyone give it a shot—whether you want to train for a particular sport or just want to live a healthier life.


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