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Top Ten Tuesday: Brand Logos

For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, we’re going over the top ten logos in the world. This is excluding team logos in sports, which are really in their own category. The list is very much up for debate, with many excellent logos just missing the cut.


10. Warner Bros.


Movie reviews haven’t necessarily gone their way as of late compared to some other companies, but you typically know you’re getting a quality film when you see the WB logo flash across the screen. The logo has had variations and changes through the years, but you can always tell what it is.


9. Dove


We’re talking the personal brand here, not the chocolate brand. The dove as a logo simply goes perfectly with what it’s trying to sell, and the “Dove” text also makes it iconic.


8. Tostitos


You might not notice it without having it pointed out, but the second and third “t’s” in the Tostitos logo sandwich the “i” to form two people dipping in a bowl. There probably isn’t a better snack logo than Tostitos’.


7. FedEx


The hidden message in the FedEx logo might be the subtlest because it’s so simple. The “E” and “x” form an arrow in the white space between them, and it delivers the message of the brand right there.


6. NBC


No matter where you come down on NBC regarding fake news, there’s just something about their logo that makes it one of the best. It took some evolving, but the modern peacock logo is so good that Comcast (the parent company) now uses it.


5. LG


No company fits its name into the logo like LG goes, with the two letters forming a human face that also encapsulates its “Life’s Good” mantra.


4. McDonald’s


McDonald’s logo was based off the golden arches from the original restaurant designs, but it easily transitioned into serving as both the arches and an “M” for the company’s name. The logo creates a ton of brand equity for McDonald’s, especially for when people are driving and spot it.


3. Apple


Aside from color scheme changes, the Apple logo has basically remained untouched from when it was introduced in 1976. Some wonder why there is a bite in the apple, but it probably had to be done for people to realize it’s an apple and not another fruit.


2. Walt Disney


When most people see the Walt Disney logo, it’s instantly recognizable. The flowery signature, which was not formed by Walt Disney himself, just matches everything about the company.


1. Nike


Number one on the list was easy, as the Nike logo alone is part of what makes the brand so recognizable and lauded. People love the Nike Swoosh, and it’s safe to say there isn’t a more valuable logo out there than it.


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