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Philadelphia 76ers

Top Ten Tuesday: Most Patriotic Uniforms In Sports

In honor of the Fourth of July, we’re going over the top patriotic uniforms in professional sports. There are some great MLB uniforms worn on the fourth each year, but this is for the teams’ normal uniforms and franchise color schemes and logos.


10. New York Rangers

The MLB’s Texas Rangers were among the other teams that could have also made the list, but they have more of a state-based branding. The New York Rangers have a solid name to go with their red, white, and blue color scheme for the uniform and logo.


9. Colombus Blue Jackets

The Blue Jackets have a state-based logo, but it has a lot to do with Ohio’s patriotism. According to NHL.com, the name Blue Jackets was selected “because the name pays homage to Ohio’s contributions to American history and the great pride and patriotism exhibited by its citizens.”


8. Buffalo Bills

The bison, which is the mascot of the Bills, is the official mammal of the United States; this happened in 2016, well after the Bills’ inception, but it still adds to the patriotism. A common theme on this list is the red, white, and blue color scheme, and the Bills present it with a clean look on one of the NFL’s best uniforms.


7. Philadelphia Phillies

Red is the most prominent color on the Phillies’ uniforms, but they have their touch of blue in there. The team liberty bell, both in the team logo and literally in the outfield at Citizens Bank Park, is as good as it gets. The Phillies could easily be higher on the list.


6. New York Yankees

Part of why the Phillies aren’t higher is because there are so many other teams also deserving of high spots. The Yankees have a great American-based logo with an Uncle Sam hat atop a baseball bat, and Yankee is a synonym for American.


5. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are the only team on the list that doesn’t have a red, white, and blue color scheme, but the eagle has long been a national symbol of the United States. This ranking puts aside the stunt they attempted to pull with President Trump.


4. Washington Capitals

Their main logo doesn’t include it, but an eagle is also a mascot of the Capitals. The eagle logo is on the shoulder of their jerseys, and the three stars could come right off the American flag. The team name, mascot, and colors all make for a great patriotic uniform.


3. Washington Nationals

Naturally, Washington teams have an advantage by being in the capital of the country. “Washington Nationals” is just a really solid American team name. The team should probably wear their blue uniforms more often.


2. Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia teams also have an advantage, as they obviously reside in the original capital of the United States. The recent change in branding for the Sixers made them a patriotic powerhouse, with four great uniforms including the “City Edition” uniform they wore this past postseason.


1. New England Patriots

A handful of teams come very close, but it’s hard to beat a team with the name “Patriots” for most patriotic. New England’s uniforms could be what the United States’ would look like if they ever had a football team participate in any sort of world championship or Olympics.


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