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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Video Games

Christmas is exactly two weeks away, and many people might still be deciding (or just procrastinating) what gifts to buy for others. For better or worse, video games have become one of the most popular products that kids want, but you might be having trouble determining the right item to buy. This video game guide helps make things easier when shopping this holiday season.



We’ll start with video game consoles, as everything branches out after that. There are three companies that make gaming consoles: Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.


Xbox One (Microsoft)

Microsoft has a couple of different consoles to choose from, but the most impressive is the new Xbox One X, which just released in November. The Xbox One X is for those that want the most premium gaming and entertainment experience possible, as it has full 4K gaming. While it does make games look better on a standard 1080p high-definition television, the full benefit of the Xbox One X isn’t realized without a 4K television.


Then there is the Xbox One S, which is the basically the standard version of the Xbox One. There is no 4K gaming, but the Xbox One S certainly gets the job done if you’re looking to just play some games on a non-4K television. I would recommend going with the Xbox One S if you do not have a 4K television yet, though the Xbox One X with 4K support sets you up for the future if you plan on getting a 4K television.


The Xbox One X is $499.99 and the Xbox One S starts at $189.99.



PlayStation 4 (Sony)

The PlayStation 4 also has a couple of versions: the PS4 Pro and the PS4. The PS4 Pro is the higher-end version of the two, as it offers near-4K gaming—just not quite at the level of the Xbox One X, which boasts what many call “true 4K gaming.” Sony itself says the PS4 Pro “approaches” 4K gaming, and it’s simply not as powerful as the Xbox One X.


The standard PS4 is by far the highest-selling console of the new console generation, so there’s a chance the person you plan on buying the console for has some friends that have it. It’s a good idea to try and subtly (if it’s a surprise gift, as gifts should be) find out what console people are playing on. For both consoles, keep in mind that there are certain games that are exclusive to the particular console, so check that out too.


The PS4 Pro is $349.99 and the PS4 starts at $299.99.



Nintendo Switch (Nintendo)

Families should probably look no further than the Nintendo Switch when looking to buy a console. While some might rather have the more individually- and online-geared Xbox One and PS4, the Nintendo Switch offers fun with games like Mario Kart. Nintendo goes for family fun, and it’s definitely a good option if you feel the need to buy a video game console for a younger kid. But unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch can be hard to come by, so you might need to act fast to secure one before Christmas.


The Nintendo Switch is $299.99.



Video Games

Now we get to the individual games, which can vary from each console. These are ten of the best games that have released in the last year, with the consoles they are available on in parenthesis. There is one Xbox exclusive, one PlayStation exclusive, and one Nintendo exclusive listed.


-Injustice 2 (Xbox One, PS4)

-Destiny 2 (Xbox One, PS4)

-Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch)

-Call of Duty: World War II (Xbox One, PS4)

-NBA 2K18 (Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch)

-For Honor (Xbox One, PS4)

-Star Wars: Battlefront II (Xbox One, PS4)

-Assassin’s Creed Origins (Xbox One, PS4)

-Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

-Forza 7 (Xbox One)


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