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Did 2K Sports Just Hint At A Potential NFL 2K Football Game?

2K Sports recently launched a new trailer for “The Neighborhood” in their upcoming basketball title NBA 2K19. Most people are excited about the new features, places, and things to do, and 2K does a nice job of presenting it all. But could the very end be hinting that a 2K football game could be coming in the future?



The last shot is of a football being thrown and caught by a couple of players in the park. It could just be part of everything else like dodgeball and trampoline/slamball, but maybe it’s something more. After all, it is a basketball game, so it’s interesting that the fade to black in an important trailer—for likely the favorite game mode of most NBA 2K fans—is of a football.


For those unaware, 2K Sports used to make an NFL football game until EA purchased the exclusive license. To this day, many people feel the gameplay and features—graphics aside—in NFL 2K5 (the last of the series) blows out Madden over a dozen years later.


Some people are very hopeful that this final shot of a football means something, while others believe it’s just 2K trolling.










We’ve seen what NBA 2K did to EA’s past-popular NBA Live series, and more and more people are getting to the tipping point with Madden (just check out the 2- and 2.5-star ratings for Madden 19 on Amazon). Given 2K’s popularity with its NBA and WWE games, along with its past history of success with NFL games before the purchase of the exclusive license by EA, a new 2K football game—even if it does not secure an NFL license—would garner deafening hype.


NFL license or not, 2K Sports making a football game is not a problem EA wants to have.


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