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‘For Honor’ Takes Charge With Halloween-Themed Event

October is in full swing and Halloween season is upon us. The Twitter names of many include ghost and jack-o-lantern emojis, people are eating more candy than at any other point in the year, and many will be dressed from anything to Pennywise to a traditional cat. For some of us, the celebration starts now, as Ubisoft’s For Honor video game came out with a surprise today. [Note: You might need to confirm your age on YouTube to view the video, though it’s just because of video game violence.]



For Honor is going full jack-o-lantern, because that is lit. “The Feast of the Otherworld” is a cross between Halloween, Call of Duty’s Nazi Zombies, and Game of Thrones. A game like For Honor, though fun to play, can get a bit stale at times. This is a great way to freshen it up for the perfect time of year to do it.


Did you see the Viking?! It looks like something straight up out of an Eli Roth movie:



The presentation of The Feast of the Otherworld is pure genius too. I mean, look at this poster.



That’s a Halloween-themed poster if I’ve ever seen one.


As seen in the trailer, there are new mask outfits for Halloween, along with Halloween music while you’re waiting for your game. And the new game mode “Endless March” allow you to beat on undead skeletons—but they can also deal a good amount of damage to you.


Way to take charge with The Feast of the Otherworld, Ubisoft. Excuse me while I hunt some skeletons from now until November 2nd.


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