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Full ‘NBA 2K19’ Player Build Guide

Over the weekend, NBA 2K19: The Prelude dropped on Xbox One and PS4, giving people a head start on their players for this year’s game. There are 180 different builds to choose from between all five positions, but someone on Reddit has already created a guide to help determine the particular archetype that’s best for you. The categories are as follows for each column in the screenshots below: (1. Layups, 2. Dunks, 3. Mid Range, 4. 3-point shooting, 5. Ball Handling, 6. Passing, 7. Post Offense, 8. Rebounding, 9. Steals, 10. Blocks, 11. Vertical, 12. Lateral Quickness, 13. Speed, 14. Acceleration, 15. Strength, 16. Stamina). Let’s break it down by position.


Point guard


Shooting guard


Small forward


Power forward




Also, besides the actual primary and secondary skill that you pick, height, weight, and wingspan all affect the attributes for your character. There is a tradeoff between being a greater physical presence on the court (greater height/weight/wingspan leads to lower speed, shooting, etc.) or a more skilled and smaller player (lower height/weight/wingspan leads to greater speed, shooting, etc.). It will be up to your individual preferences (or what your Pro-Am team needs) when determining the type of player to create in this year’s game.


‘NBA 2K19’ releases on September 11, or four days early on September 7 for those who pre-order the 20th Anniversary Edition.


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