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‘Madden 18’ Halloween Promo Headlined By Ray Lewis and Tony Gonzalez

As annual Madden Ultimate Team players know, the “Most Feared” promo is always the first big one of the year, and gamers are always waiting with great anticipation for it to drop. Here’s what it looks like in Madden 18 (based on the blog from Muthead), with some thoughts after that.



Players will morph for 48 hours during Halloween (from 10:30 AM EST on 10/30 until 10:30 AM EST on 11/1) based on which group they fall into. Here are the ratings for the Most Feared Commanders and the Most Feared Captains:


Scary Strong Players

Ray Lewis (Commander)

Reshad Jones

Ben Roethlisberger

Demaryius Thomas

Jason Peters

Dontari Poe

Myles Garrett


Scary Tall Players

Tony Gonzalez (Commander)

Richard Sherman

Larry Fitzgerald

Dont’a Hightower

Brian Orakpo

Nate Solder

Demar Dotson



There are 9 sets for the Scary Tall player group. Here is what is required to complete them:


-Scary Tall Commander: Tony Gonzalez – Requires all 6 Scary Tall Captains.

-Scary Tall Gold – Requires all 3 Most Feared tokens.

-Scary Tall Elite – Requires any 5 Gold Scary Tall players and 10 Most Feared tokens.

-Scary Tall Captain: Sherman – 5 Wildcard Scary Tall Elites and 40 Most Feared tokens.

-Scary Tall Captain: Fitzgerald – 4 Wildcard Scary Tall Elites and 30 Most Feared tokens.

-Scary Tall Captain: Hightower – 4 Wildcard Scary Tall Elites and 30 Most Feared tokens.

-Scary Tall Captain: Solder – 3 Wildcard Scary Tall Elites and 20 Most Feared tokens.

-Scary Tall Captain: Orakpo – 3 Wildcard Scary Tall Elites and 20 Most Feared tokens.

-Scary Tall Captain: Dotson – 2 Wildcard Scary Tall Elites and 10 Most Feared tokens.


There are 3 Scary Strong sets. Here are their requirements:


Scary Strong Commander: Ray Lewis – Requires all 6 Scary Strong Captains.

Scary Strong Elite – Requires 8 Gold Scary Strong Players

Scary Strong Captain – Requires 8 Wildcard Scary Strong Elite Players.



Here is an overview of the new solo sequences that are available and the rewards that you can earn:


Haunted House

The Haunted House sequence contains 21 challenges and expires at 10:30 AM EST on 11/10.

-21 Challenges

-30,400 coins

-14 packs/items


24 Hour Daily Scare

There are 2 Daily Scare challenges. Each challenge will be available for 24 hours and will be replaced each day at 10:30 AM EST.

-1,500 coins per solo

-1 Most Feared Token per solo (You can trade in the tokens for Most Feared players)


Most Feared Objectives

There are 7 Most Feared objectives that expire on 11/10 at 9 AM EST. If you complete all of the objectives you will earn a pack containing 13 Most Feared Tokens. Additionally, the regular Daily Objectives will also reward you with 3 Most Feared tokens.


There’s a lot going on, but honestly, I think people are a little disappointed, as unless more cards are getting released closer to October 31, they are not very impressive.


By completing the Haunted House solos, you will at least get an elite player, but it’s NAT, so if you were to get someone you don’t like, want, or need, you’re stuck with him.


Also, I don’t think I’m alone in being excited for whatever sick running back would be released with so many great choices—Leonard Fournette, Adrian Peterson, Jay Ajayi, LeGarrette Blount, among others—but we didn’t even get a “Captain” version of any of them, with Derrick Henry at 86 overall being the best one. Henry is a monster that would have been deserving of a 90+ Captain, but for him to be the best at 86 overall is puzzling to say the least.


Even the “Madden Rewards” were disappointing, as you get a pack with one Most Feared Token, two useless MUT Tips, and an 80 overall Ray Lewis and Tony Gonzalez, which can’t even be put into sets.


You can see the full non-Captain elites on Muthead here, but these are some notable cards, including the already-mentioned Henry:

-LE Arik Armstead (86 OVR)

-HB Derrick Henry (86 OVR)

-LOLB Leonard Floyd (84 OVR)

-FS Malik Hooker (79 OVR)

-CB Kevin King (77 OVR)


You can make the final verdict for yourself if/when you play, but I definitely hope they step it up for the Thanksgiving and Christmas promotions.


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