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Madden 18 Ratings Predictions: Quarterbacks

Tom Brady: 99 overall

Is there any doubt that the man on the G.O.A.T. Edition of Madden 18 will be a 99 overall? You never know what EA Sports is thinking, but a 99 overall for Brady is a lock.


Aaron Rodgers: 97 overall

If these were our ratings rather than predictions of what the actual ratings would be, Rodgers would also be a 99 overall. Perhaps the most fun video-game quarterback to use, Rodgers will beat opponents with him arm or legs.


Matt Ryan: 95 overall

The 2016 NFL MVP ended Madden 17 with a rating of 95 overall, so that is probably where he will start when the new game is released this August. Hopefully Madden 18 is a lot more in-depth than recent games, such as having a clutch rating (i.e. number) rather than it just being “Yes” or “No.”


Drew Brees: 91 overall

Another thing Madden should add to the game is home/away (or indoor/outdoor) ratings, as Drew Brees is as good as it gets at the Superdome, but sometimes struggles away from home. Nonetheless, expect Brees to be one of the most accurate quarterbacks when the ratings are released.


Ben Roethlisberger: 90 overall

Big Ben barely cracked the top-10 in our quarterback rankings released last week, but Madden always seems to be high on the big-bodied passer. Roethlisberger’s strength, which ended as an 82 in Madden 17, probably gives him a boost in the game.


Derek Carr: 87 overall

We would bet that Carr is the top young quarterback in Madden 18, as he has underrated speed and a cannon arm, both of which help give him a favorable overall. Once EA Sports catches on to how good Marcus Mariota is (he was just a 79 to end Madden 17), he and Carr will both push for that 90-overall rating.


Russell Wilson: 87 overall

Right up with Cam Newton as the best runner as a quarterback in Madden, Russell Wilson—if he stays healthy—is almost sure to improve as the season goes on. The supposedly-new-and-improved passing in Madden 18 will be nice to use with Wilson.


Andrew Luck: 86 overall

Again, these are projections, as Luck would be in the low-to-mid 90s if it were up to us. Users playing against Luck need to be careful running man-to-man against him, as the former #1 pick can do damage on the ground if defenders have their back to him.


Dak Prescott: 86 overall

EA Sports might want Dak to prove it again before they get too comfortable giving him this overall rating, but it’s hard to keep a guy that threw for 23 touchdowns and just four interceptions as a rookie too low.


Cam Newton: 85 overall

It was surprising that Newton wasn’t the cover athlete of Madden 17 after winning NFL MVP, but it seemed like he was being saved for the first year of the Frostbite Engine and Madden 18. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for Cam and the Panthers last season, but his running attributes combined with his strength and arm should give him a respectable overall in the game at least.


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