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Potential Names For The Next Generation Xbox

The next generation video game consoles will be here before we know it, and there are a few things for certain. The consoles from Microsoft and Sony will be released for Holiday 2020, and Sony’s console is officially called the PlayStation 5. One thing we do not yet know is the official name of the next Xbox, currently codenamed Project Scarlett. There are a number of possibilities, and these are among the best potential options—with some that have been out there, along with some new ones you might not have thought of before.


Xbox 720

Let’s start with a name that’s been thrown around but is almost certainly the least likely on the list. Microsoft went away from the “360” angle when they called their last console the “Xbox One”. But calling the next generation console the Xbox 720 would be a blast from the past for many loyal users of the uber-popular Xbox 360. This name would bring a nostalgic feeling to gamers from years past.


Xbox Two

The Xbox One was not named for a reboot of Microsoft’s gaming consoles—the “One” in the name was because the Xbox was supposed to be an all-in-one entertainment device where you could do everything you want to do from your living room through the Xbox. However, it’s possible Xbox just wants to continue what’s been a successful end to the current generation after the release of the acclaimed Xbox One X and just go with Xbox Two for their next console.


Xbox 2020

There’s been talk about video game consoles becoming more obsolete in future years, and it’s possible these upcoming consoles from Microsoft and Sony last for quite some time before there’s a huge upgrade; after all, these figure to be really impressive, and pushing the consoles much further might not be worth it for at least another several years. Xbox 2020 (or just Xbox 20) could be a console that sustains Microsoft throughout the entirety of the next decade, with more consoles working as mid-cycle upgrades (like the Xbox One S and Xbox One X were for the Xbox One). Also, for “Xbox 20”, the release of the next console will be about 20 years since the original Xbox was released in 2001, so this might be a fit.


Xbox 5

Microsoft could pull an Apple here and just skip a number because they feel like it, and the Xbox 5 would put them more on par with the PlayStation 5, which psychologically could help with sales. Also, the name works out if you consider the first four consoles to be the Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox One X (which was a notable upgrade while adding true 4K gaming).


Xbox Infinite

The big launch title for the next Xbox is titled “Halo Infinite”, so it might make sense for the console to also use the “Infinite” name. Consoles should be around for years because people like them, but with the movement towards streaming and cloud gaming, maybe this really will be Microsoft’s last physical gaming console, with software updates instead of huge hardware changes down the line—in which case Infinite would be a fitting description. And Xbox Infinite sounds pretty good.


Xbox (The Xbox)

Microsoft might not want to go this route because the original Xbox was called Xbox, but they might want to use something simple like the original name (or “The Xbox”) and stick with that. From there, they could simply go with Xbox X, Xbox Pro, Xbox Elite, etc. for any potential mid-generation upgrades.


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