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Sony Adds Two New Colors To The Dualshock 4 Lineup

Sony’s Dualshock controller has been a classic since the release of the PlayStation back in 1994, and while it’s had some modifications throughout the years, the controller is considered a classic by many. Some could do with just a classic black, grey, or blue (which has become one of the main colors in the last few years), but there are many options to choose from for your controller—and now there are two more.


While there’s white, silver, gold, crystal, camouflage, and red (among others) available, Sony is going with a couple of more subtle color options for two new colors set to be released in March: “Midnight Blue” and Steel Black”.


Midnight Blue (Sony)


Steel Black (Sony)


Steel Black was previously released in 2016 as a limited edition color, but it appears it and Midnight Blue will be here to stay in the controller lineup this time around. In the press release, Sony explained the two new colors:


We’re happy to announce that two new stylish colors are joining the DualShock 4 wireless controller lineup in March. Midnight Blue for those that play games deep into the night, and Steel Black to match your finely crafted in-game metallic arsenal. Pick one of these up and add some extra style to your play.


They’ll be $64.99 USD or $74.99 CAD, and right now Amazon is the only place that has them available for pre-order, but more places should have the controllers available to order before they are released in March.


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