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The Top Items From CES 2018

After a few days of this year’s event in Las Vegas, it’s now time to go through some of the most intriguing tech at CES 2018.


8K Televisions

Most people will agree CES is dominated by televisions, and this year was no different. LG, Sony, and Samsung all have available 8K TVs (just when most people have or are starting to buy 4K). These are really down-the-road televisions that’ll probably cost a CEO’s salary when they become available, but it’s still interesting to see companies continuing to innovate nonetheless.


Samsung’s “The Wall”

This one is a little crazy, and I love it. Fittingly given a name like “The Wall”, Samsung’s giant new television is 146 inches—and it’s set to become available this year. It’ll probably cost more than an Escalade, but it’s intriguing. Just imagine seeing The Wall in Game of Thrones on “The Wall” TV.



“The Wall” is jaw-dropping, but LG still holds the crown for best picture quality. The company has introduced the next of its OLED line, going from 7 to 8: the B8, C8, E8, G8, and W8. The newest versions of the best televisions available are said to offer even more accurate color, and they also added Google Assistant and artificial intelligence called “ThinQ”. Oh, and LG also has a 65-inch rollable OLED television, which mind-boggling.


Hyperkin Ultra Game Boy

Everyone’s favorite handheld gaming console from the ‘90s is back, though there are some catches. Unfortunately, it isn’t created by Nintendo and doesn’t have the exact look and feel of the original. But the good news is you can play your original Game Boy games on Hyperkin’s release—if you still have them.


Kohler DTV+

Kohler has had a great shower system for a few years now (you might remember their commercials for the DTV), but they have added compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa, allowing users to tell the shower what to do with things like water temperature and music.


Omron Forpheus

It can play ping pong with you. Not much more needs to be said, but there’s more information on their site.


My Special Aflac Duck

And finally, this was the best thing of all at CES. The “smart” robotic stuffed animal friend developed by Sproutel is for children that are dealing with cancer. It’s hard to imagine what the children and their families are going through, and Aflac’s goal is to get a duck to every child fighting. You can learn more here.


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