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Top Quarterbacks In A Fictional ‘NFL Street’ Re-Make

Madden 20 ratings were just released today, and they don’t look great (as usual). Many of you probably remember the days of stiff industry competition leading to better football video games for everyone, including two games from EA Sports (Madden and NFL Street) and the fan-favorite NFL 2K series. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be going over the players that would be the best at each position if NFL Street was re-made today. For those unaware, players in NFL Street play on both sides of the ball (not just offense or defense), so that factors into this.


12. Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz’s athleticism is better for real-life football than in the gameplay of NFL Street, so the Eagles quarterback is down at No. 12. However, aside from his dual-threat ability as a quarterback on offense, Wentz also has the length to probably play in the secondary if he has help in coverage.


11. Mitchell Trubisky

Going off NFL Street ratings, Mitchell Trubisky would likely have passing at about 75%, along with speed and agility close to those marks. Chicago’s third-year quarterback would likely be able to slide in at linebacker or safety to at least help slow down opposing ball-carriers while the heavy-hitters come over to do more damage.


10. Tom Brady

Keep in mind, these are clearly not quarterback rankings reflecting real-life ability in a pickup game, as Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and others would be ranked much higher if this was a real 7-on-7 format. But for NFL Street, Brady gets the nod among pocket passers. You’d just need to hide him on defense, but TB12 would have a maxed-out passing attribute. Brady is the only player listed that was also in the original game released in 2004.


9. Deshaun Watson

Their real-life playing styles aren’t too similar, but Deshaun Watson would likely be a slightly better version of Mitchell Trubisky in a current version of NFL Street. Watson would have around 80% passing and speed, with agility among the best for the quarterback position. Watson’s fit on defense is unclear, but his athleticism would allow him to fly around a bit.


8. Dak Prescott

It’s easy to see Dak Prescott getting plus attributes on defense—particularly at “D-Moves”—that’ll help him be one of the best two-way players at quarterback in NFL Street. Dak would have plus rushing ratings, including for run power (a key in the game), to go along with solid passing ability.


7. Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck is similar to Dak Prescott for NFL Street, in that they are thickly-built guys that could probably be a force on the defensive side of the field. Luck might be more of a linebacker than a defensive lineman in the game, but you’re drafting your quarterback to be a passer (which Luck excels at) more than for his defense.


6. Lamar Jackson

These next two guys would be perfect for quarterback runs and option plays, as they’d likely have near-max speed. Lamar Jackson would be like Michael Vick in NFL Street 2, which was one of the best players that was almost always a high pick in the “Pickup Game” mode. Vick himself has admitted Jackson is a better passer than he was early in his career, and that should be reflected in this fictitious re-make.


5. Kyler Murray

My guess is that Murray would be slightly behind Jackson in the speed department, with a noticeably edge in the agility attribute. And as a passer, Murray should get a higher rating than Jackson. However, the Heisman Trophy winner could run into issues on defense at under six-foot and a slight-ish frame.


4. Patrick Mahomes

Again, this is based off a fictional NFL Street re-make, as Patrick Mahomes would be higher in a real street or backyard pickup game setting. The reigning NFL MVP would have close to the full-green (the maximum in the game) rating in passing, and he would be the best at racking up “style points” (building your “Gamebreaker” meter) because of his ability to do no-look passes during real NFL games.


3. Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson has hit age 30, but he’s still one of the best scrambling quarterbacks in the league, with the ability to pick defenses apart from the pocket. Wilson would have high marks in passing, with balanced ratings across the board in other categories. Safety would probably be the ideal spot for Wilson on defense.


2. Josh Allen

Finally, the top two quarterbacks in a new NFL Street would likely be Josh Allen and Cam Newton. Even those that were high on Allen as a prospect were probably a bit surprised by the athleticism he showed against NFL defenses during his rookie year, and that should earn him very high speed, agility, and run power along with passing that should be at least 70%. Allen’s size would allow him to play the defensive line in the game.


1. Cam Newton

Newton would have similar attributes to Allen, but he’d likely have better defensive ratings and the ability to make more of an impact on that side of the ball. The former league MVP probably could’ve had a successful professional career as a defensive end because of his size and raw athletic ability, and it’d be fun to explore in NFL Street if EA Sports would make the game again.


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