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Top Ten Tuesday: Characters That Should Be Added To Injustice 3

Following the release of the PlayStation 5’s official logo yesterday, the next generation consoles continue to get closer. We can expect a new Injustice game will be out on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and there are many strong options as new characters that should be added to the playable roster.


10. Two-Face


Photo courtesy: DC


Batgirl, Batwoman, Hawkman, and General Zod are other characters that could make the list, but the well-known Batman villain Two-Face should be back in the next Injustice game. Two-Face’s fighting style could be similar to the Joker, and perhaps the game could incorporate some “50/50” moments that slant in the villain’s direction.


9. Mera


Photo courtesy: DC


With Aquaman already in each of the first two chapters of Injustice, it makes sense for Mera to join the fold in the next edition. If included, Mera might be the most powerful female character in the game along with Wonder Woman and Supergirl in terms of superhuman ability.


8. Zatanna Zatara


Photo courtesy: DC


Magic and unrealistic special moves are commonplace in Injustice and Mortal Kombat games, so it would be fun to have Zatanna’s use of spells in Injustice 3. Zatanna would have a much different fighting style than most characters.


7. The Riddler


Photo courtesy: DC


Included in Injustice: Gods Among Us, Riddler should be back after skipping Injustice 2, especially because he’ll be in The Batman movie in 2021, which could be around the release of the next game. One issue with the Riddler is that he isn’t as physically strong as most villains, and he also doesn’t have an arsenal of weapons of someone like Two-Face.


6. Ra’s al Ghul


Photo courtesy: DC


Meanwhile, Ra’s al Ghul is no ordinary person, with regenerative powers from the Lazarus Pit and an extremely high skill level in hand-to-hand combat. The character briefly appeared in the first Injustice game’s story mode, but he has not yet been playable.


5. Mr. Freeze


Photo courtesy: DC


Captain Cold might ultimately be too similar if he returns in the third Injustice game, but Mr. Freeze is probably more well-known among most average DC fans given that he’s a Batman villain. Mr. Freeze was just a skin for Captain Cold in the previous game, but he should be a standalone option on the roster.


4. Black Mask


Photo courtesy: DC


The primary villain of the Birds of Prey movie set to release one month from today, Black Mask will likely become a more popular character leading up to the next Injustice. Black Mask looks both cool and intimidating, and he could have high defense attributes given his pain tolerance and ability to go toe-to-toe with other heroes.


3. Penguin


Photo courtesy: DC


Physically, Penguin is not going to match up with heroes like Superman in a fist fight, but there are other characters that would get destroyed by the top-level heroes and villains—it can be made to work. Penguin was in the first game, and he should return given his inclusion in The Batman film.


2. Huntress


Photo courtesy: DC Universe


Like Black Mask, Huntress will appear in Birds of Prey, so she’ll become more of a mainstream member of the DC universe in the coming months. Huntress is basically an anti-hero, which could add a nice element to the story mode in addition to a versatile playable character


1. Deathstroke


Photo courtesy: DC


Finally, Deathstroke was surprisingly left out of Injustice 2, and he was never added as a DLC add-on, disappointing many fans. The deadly mercenary would have a bunch of awesome moves, and he should be back for the next game.

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  • Brandon Soya

    I believe a great contender for the next injustice game would be The Mask I think that his cartoony fighting style and how he could create and use anything at his disposal would be a great change of pace from some of the more straight forward or serious characters in the past games. They could go with either the heroic or gory versions of the character but either way his manic, bendy, and comedic body/personality would make an amazing inclusion, I hope that other people would agree and help get him in Injustice 3.

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