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MLB The Show 17

Top Ten Tuesday: Diamond Dynasty Cards

Diamond Dynasty is MLB The Show’s team building fantasy card game, similar to Madden Ultimate Team and MyTeam in NBA 2K. With the release of MLB The Show 17, let’s look at the top Diamond Dynasty cards at launch. [Note: only flashback players are used for this list]


10. CF Kenny Lofton, 97 OVR Diamond, Cleveland Indians

9. 2B Brandon Phillips, 94 OVR Diamond, Cincinnati Reds

8. 3B David Wright, 99 OVR Diamond, New York Mets

7. SP Corey Kluber, 96 OVR Diamond, Cleveland Indians

6. 1B Jason Giambi, 98 OVR Diamond, Oakland Athletics 

5. C Buster Posey, 97 OVR Diamond, San Francisco Giants 

4. SS Cal Ripken, 99 OVR Diamond, Baltimore Orioles 

3. 1B Miguel Cabrera, 99 OVR Diamond, Detroit Tigers

2. 2B Jackie Robinson, 99 OVR Diamond, Los Angeles Dodgers

1. CF Ken Griffey Jr., 99 OVR Diamond, Seattle Mariners

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