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Top Ten Tuesday: Disrespectful ‘Madden 21’ Player Ratings

The Madden 21 ratings have received a ton of criticism online, and rightfully so. It’s just a video game, but the player ratings are as bad as they have ever been this year. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday counts down the most disrespectful Madden 21 ratings.


10. Chris Godwin: 88 overall

Missing the final two games due to injury hurt, but Chris Godwin arguably should have been a First Team All-Pro last season, yet he’s not among the top ten wide receivers in Madden 21. Frankly, Godwin would probably be higher if he was more of a diva that brought attention to himself.


9. Tre’Davious White: 90 overall

These next three players hit the 90 overall mark, which is nothing to get too upset about. However, they are all elite players that should have been ranked among the best at their positions. Tre’Davious White might be the best corner in football, and if not he’s probably only No. 2 to Stephon Gilmore.


8. Tom Brady: 90 overall

The disrespect for the G.O.A.T Tom Brady has extended to Madden ratings. Expect Brady to get his rating up into the 95+ range throughout the year.


7. Saquon Barkley: 90 overall

Saquon Barkley was initially given below a 90 in Madden 21, and EA must have realized how stupid that was, at least bumping him up to a 90. Still, that’s way too low for one of the most talented and productive players in football.


6. Darius Leonard: 85 overall

Colts linebacker Darius Leonard was not happy with his 85 overall, and he’s right to be confused and angry. The third-year player has been a huge difference-maker for the Indy defense in real life; he might be the best off-ball linebacker in the NFL.


5. David Johnson: 77 overall

A few more running backs including Miles Sanders and James Conner could have made the top ten, but former All-Pro David Johnson getting just a 77 overall is the stand out. DJ has struggled with injuries throughout his career, and he’s also taken a step back in terms of explosiveness from 2016. However, he’s better than what Madden 21 gave him.


4. Lamar Jackson: 94 overall

While there are many bad ratings, the most surprising might be cover star Lamar Jackson at 94 overall. EA put the reigning league MVP on the cover, but they couldn’t give him at least a 96 or a 97 in the game? It doesn’t make much sense. Also, Jackson’s juke rating is criminally low, as it should probably be the highest of any player.


3. Josh Allen: 77 overall

This rating is a strong indication that the people grading players in Madden have no idea what they are doing. Ask anyone around the NFL about Josh Allen’s 77 overall and they would likely totally disagree. Perhaps Allen shouldn’t have exceptional accuracy grades, but he’s a football player that wins games.


2. Daniel Jones: 72 overall

EA seemingly used PFF grades to some extent for their Madden 21 ratings, which helps explain this top three. The Daniel Jones pick was ridiculed last year, but his stellar play on the field as a rookie was apparently ignored. Totally disrespectful.


1. Jared Goff: 76 overall

Jared Goff just played the Super Bowl two seasons ago, and he’s been one of the most accurate passers in the game for the Rams. 76 overall, really? The ratings for Allen, Jones, and Goff are simply dumb.


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