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Top Ten Tuesday: Player Cards We Want To See In ‘Madden 22’ Ultimate Team

Madden 22 is out (you can read our full Madden 22 review here), and today’s Top Ten Tuesday goes over the top player cards we want to see in Madden Ultimate Team. Right now the top player is a George Kittle 91 overall, so you can expect that to change in the coming weeks and months, with guys getting in the 97, 98, and 99 overall range.


10. Jerry Rice

He didn’t run a fast 40 and he wasn’t the strongest receiver, so the translation to Madden might not seem great; but Jerry Rice is one of the greatest players in NFL history and should be a gold-standard card to add to an offense in MUT. Wide receiver has plenty of worthy options that could have made the top ten, including a throwback Larry Fitzgerald, a legend Calvin Johnson, and Julio Jones.


9. Reggie White

People love offense in Madden, but defensive players deserve some recognition too—and Reggie White might be the greatest defensive player in history. White can play all over the defensive line, so he’s a fit in whatever scheme you run for your team. After playing in two cold weather cities (Philadelphia and Green Bay), White is a natural fit for an awesome Christmas/holiday card.


8. Lawrence Taylor

Former NFL MVP Lawrence Taylor was a menace on defense, so he’s one of the legends that deserves 99 overall consideration in Madden Ultimate Team. Each year, LT should be a top choice to be a player that ends a difficult Madden Ultimate Team challenge as the reward card.


7. Jim Brown

Many young people today probably aren’t aware of the almost-unmatched legendary status Jim Brown has when it comes to the game of football, and MUT could help with that. You could make a case for the all-time great to be the highest-rated and most prestigious card Madden 22.


6. Randy Moss

Thanks to the term “getting Mossed”, his presence on ESPN, and the fact that he played not too long ago, most kids do know who Randy Moss is. Moss will probably get at or near a 99 overall for his best Ultimate Team card, and he’ll probably be the best deep threat in the game.


5. Ed Reed

Ed Reed is on the list in part because it’s about time EA got things right and made him listed as a free safety instead of a strong safety. Reed played both throughout his career, but the stud safety was best known as a playmaking center fielder on the backend of the Ravens secondary. Reed already has one of the best cards in the game at launch, but let’s hope he gets a card in the high 90s.


4. Ray Lewis

Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis gets a spot in the top five along with former teammate Ed Reed because of how scary he was on the field. Lewis’ intensity should make him the top card to covet when the Halloween cards are released in October, assuming he’s picked to represent that batch.


3. Tom Brady

The G.O.A.T. is obviously going to need a 99 overall MUT card. He’s on the cover of the game for the second time, and there are numerous possibilities, whether it’s a holiday card, a throwback card (pick your year), or just a current card for the seven-time Super Bowl champion that’s still at the top of his game.


2. Barry Sanders

Unfortunately, Madden 22’s gameplay can’t capture the artistry Barry Sanders displayed on the football field throughout his relatively short career for the Lions, but he’s still annually one of the best cards in MUT. Sanders is a strong pick for a holiday card.


1. Michael Vick

Michael Vick’s playing style does translate well to Madden, and even on a higher level than it did in real life. You can run around like crazy with the lefty quarterback, making epic plays on the ground—and Vick also possesses a cannon arm that can light up a defense.


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