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Top Ten Tuesday: ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Characters

It’s an exciting time for old-school Nintendo gamers, as information Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was revealed today—with the best news about the game being that every character to ever appear in the fighting franchise will be in Ultimate, which releases on December 7, 2018. Everyone will have their own style of play and opinions, but we anticipate these will be the top ten characters in the game.


10. Ice Climbers

This duo isn’t overly powerful or fast, but the Ice Climbers are opportunistic and very difficult to put away for other users. It can be a challenge to master the Ice Climbers, but it’s a definite advantage to be able to grab two items, attack two players at once, and of course, chain grab to stay alive.


9. Meta Knight

Meta Knight is a top-end fighter due to his speed and ability to string hits together by juggling, but users need to be persistent and accurate to avoid being open to a big strike by an opponent. That said, Meta Knight has plenty of escape maneuvers in his arsenal, too, and he can stay in the air for a while thanks to his wings.


8. Ness

Don’t be fooled by Ness being a little boy, as he is extremely powerful and deadly in the hands of the right user. PK Fire, PK Thunder, and PK Flash are his most notable moves, but Ness can also do damage with aerial attacks and some of the best throws on the entire Super Smash Bros roster.


7. Mr. Game & Watch

You might not be wise to use Mr. Game & Watch in a one-on-one fight because all the focus of an opponent will be on him, but in matches with multiple players or teams, he can shock with a one-hit KO at any moment if people aren’t paying attention to him. Chef is just one of his special moves that can frustrate other users.


6. Link

Link is one of the most versatile fighters on the Super Smash Bros. roster with a sword, shield, arrows and more at his disposal. Users are advised to chip away with ranged attacks before moving in for the KO using powerful attacks, but the big downside is that it’s difficult to recover from heavy damage.


5. Snake

Snake is clearly a fan-favorite based on the character reveal trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as it basically had an intermission to re-introduce him to the roster. And why wouldn’t he be? The mercenary uses grenades, missiles, C4, helicopters, and a bunch of other weapons to do damage, and it takes a lot of damage to KO him.


4. Yoshi

As strange as it seems, Yoshi is one of the heaviest characters in the game, but he is also one of the fastest and has a huge mid-air jump—which is arguably his greatest asset when combined with well-timed attacks. He isn’t for everyone, but Yoshi deserves a spot in the top five.


3. Mario

Is Mario often considered a great option to use for expert players? Perhaps not, but anyone can jump in and play with the iconic character. And the best part about using Mario is that by mastering him, there really isn’t another character that will consistently give him trouble because of how balanced he is.


2. Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon has always been one of the more memorable characters in Super Smash Bros. because of his signature Falcon Punch, and his combination of speed and power makes him one of the most effective, too. Ranged attack by opponents could cause Captain Falcon some issues, but good luck escaping his strikes in matches with multiple players.


1. Kirby

We had a consensus on Kirby being the best character in the game, as his versatility—both as himself and when absorbing opponents with Inhale—is probably a tier above everyone else. The small oddball can float away from danger, spit other users off the edge, and do heavy damage with Stone and other attacks. You can expect Kirby to be a force yet again when Ultimate releases this winter.


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