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Top Ten Tuesday: Video Game Consoles

This Top Ten Tuesday is about as tough as it gets. There have been many great video game consoles made throughout the years, and we did our best at putting together the top ten.


10. PlayStation (1994)

The original PlayStation was really the console that made the switch from cartridges from discs. Obviously, things have been upgraded, but consoles today still use discs. Also, the PS1 was the start of the trademark PlayStation controller.


9. Nintendo Wii (2006)

People went nuts over the Wii. Some of the best games were the standard ones made by Nintendo (such as Wii Sports). The Wii didn’t really


8. Nintendo 64 (1996)

This was a classic. Super Mario 64, Zelda, Pokémon Stadium, and of course the awesome Mario Kart 64. Then there was GoldenEye 007—perhaps the original great first-person shooter for consoles. The controller was different, but it worked.


7. Xbox 360 (2005)

Number seven is where it really gets tough. Many people will argue that the Xbox 360 should be number one on the list. A true pioneer in online play (parties, etc.) the Xbox 360 was no doubt a great console. Downside: The Red Ring of Death.


6. PlayStation 4 (2013)

The PS4 is similar to the PS3 in many ways, but it has an slimmer and sleeker design along with more power. The controller also got a nice upgrade (but heavier) with the touchpad and light at the top (which changes colors in different games; if you are playing as Darth Vader, it will be red—pretty sick).


5. PlayStation 3 (2006)

The best PS3 was the fat, original, backwards-compatible model. PlayStation 2 games could be played on the original PS3, a huge bonus. Another plus to the PS3 is the fact that it was also a Blu-Ray player. Someone that was looking to buy a Blu-Ray could simply buy a PlayStation that could play games also.


4. Xbox One (2013)

With the addition of a Blu-Ray player, much-improved Kinect with face recognition, and other great features, the Xbox One is an excellent console and entertainment system. Users can seamlessly transition from games to television to Netflix to recorded game clips on the Xbox One. You can just throw out your remote (if you want to) thanks to the Xbox One.


3. Nintendo Game Boy (1989)

There are a few iterations of the Nintendo Game Boy, but we are going to group them all together. The Game Boy had a huge game library, highlighted by the popular Pokémon games that were no doubt an inspiration for Pokémon Go.


2. PlayStation 2 (2000)

The PlayStation 2 was an excellent console by any measure. Perhaps the most popular gaming system of all time, the PS2 also had a great library of games and was backwards compatible with original PS1 games. Released in 2000, the PS2 had perhaps more longevity than any console to come.


1. Super Nintendo (1990)

When most people hear “Nintendo,” this is the console they think about. The SNES took the original Nintendo and built on it, earning the name “Super.” The Mario, Donkey Kong, and Zelda games that released on the Super Nintendo were arguably the best of those franchises.

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