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Visually, NBA 2K18 Looks Much Improved Over Last Year

It’s no secret the NBA 2K video games series is among the best out. The game has been consistently the highest-rated sports game each year, providing a realistic gameplay experience along with great graphics each year. In NBA 2K16, two-time MVP Steph Curry’s patented mouth piece was included, with his in-game character fidgeting with it just like Curry does in real life. And last year, more visual improvements were made to the game. For NBA 2K18, it appears the improvements to the visuals and graphics of the game have made a bigger jump than in any other year.


Take a look at this screenshot, featuring Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, released by 2K a couple days ago.



The two superstars look on-point. A quick glance and you might think that was really Curry and Durant. Let’s examine some of the changes from last year’s game to the upcoming NBA 2K18.


Body types

Two years ago, NBA 2K16 implemented body types, but it wasn’t all that impressive. There were still only several body types that the players conformed too, and it wasn’t the exact dimensions of each player. It did make tattoos on the players look better, but body type was another story. Last year, NBA 2K17 was more of the same, with body types not looking very good. Taken from the game’s trailer, here’s a look at Steph Curry in last year’s game:



Anyone that has played the game knows it looks like Curry—and other players—have the physique of a 12-year-old. Of course, Curry and the others don’t look like that in real life, and the game finally reflects that. If you scroll up to the screenshot from 2K18 featuring Curry and Durant, you will see the big difference. Curry looks so much better now, and Durant—who also had the 12-year-old body type in previous years—is still skinny like he should be, but it looks like an accurate skinny. Even Durant’s legs look like the perfect width now, and you can see his knees bending realistically. I’m thinking the body scans are now being utilized in the game better, or they spent more time crafting each player individually (or maybe the process took a few years).


Player faces

Not only do the player bodies look better, the faces look more accurate. NBA 2K has had the most accurate faces for a few years (along with FIFA, probably), but this is on another level. Again, it looks like that’s actually Durant and Curry in the above screenshot. All the screenshots released display this, and here are a few more:






Not only are the players’ personal aesthetics improved, but the equipment they wear looks improved from last year. From the ankle braces Curry has on, to the compression shorts, to the shoes—even the uniforms (if you’ll notice, Durant is wearing his shorts higher up on his waist)—look very realistic.



Overall, the screenshots look very promising, especially the one with two of the Warriors’ superstars. While gameplay has always been good for NBA 2K, we still do need to see that—which we haven’t seen any of yet. Still, the early looks at NBA 2K18 have to excite potential buyers of the game.


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