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What Should You Be Targeting On Black Friday 2017?

Black Friday is just one week away, and there are plenty of deals to be had at various places. Many companies have gotten a head start on the action by putting some items on sale already, and it should only pick up as we approach the busiest shopping day of the year. This quick guide goes over some of the best things to buy to get a real bang for your buck in 2017.



Over the last several years, televisions have been among the biggest sellers on and around Black Friday. It’s commonplace to see people hauling a big boxed TV through the parking lot to their car, and a lot of premium televisions are also available online. They still cost a ton of money, but the current deal offering 33% off ($5,000) LG’s most premium television, their signature 4K OLED G7 77” TV (available on Amazon, Best Buy, and most other places), gives you what’s probably the best picture out there on a television today. And of course, there are plenty of televisions that’ll be on sale for a fraction of the G7’s $9,999 price.


Video Game Consoles

Another huge item during the holiday season—and perhaps the most popular in terms of parents buying a big item for their teens—is a video game console. Three of the main consoles right now are the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One—with the PS4 and Xbox One both coming in premium versions, the PlayStation Pro and the Xbox One X. For many people, the console to get will come down what console allows them to play with their friends (there is currently no way to play with each other across different platforms).


Video Games

Similarly, many video games get huge discounts on Black Friday. It’s why it might be a good idea to wait just a little bit for games that are released in the fall. However, many of the recently-released games won’t be the ones to go on sale. The ones that do get discounts can be huge savings from a standard $60 price tag all the way down to maybe $30 or $20.



While basically all smart phones have gotten to near or above $1,000 price tags, Black Friday is a good time to buy one. You can get up to a few hundred dollars off from certain places like Best Buy and Walmart—as well as from the carriers in some cases—but you probably need to sign an agreement that ties you with the carrier for some time. However, by trading in your current phone, you could get a few hundred dollars more off. In most cases, a new Android or iPhone will still cost you a couple hundred at least, even with the discounts. Now might be the time to get the best discount all year.



If video game consoles aren’t the most popular item for parents to buy for their kids, a laptop or tablet probably is. Walmart has a ton of deals on iPads, and Microsoft is offering a lot of deals on its Surface products as well as some of their laptops. More laptops and tablets will be on sale closer to and on Black Friday—just note that for Apple devices you’re a lot more likely to find a discount from the retailers like Best Buy than you will from Apple’s own store.


Home Appliances

You can buy big home appliances on sale at many places both in-store and online (Best Buy offers up to 40% off on some things). But you don’t need to spend hundreds (or thousands) on a new fridge or washer to get savings. Something like a mixer, blender, coffee maker, or a vacuum would make a great gift for almost anyone, and you can find some major deals from basically anywhere.


Winter Apparel

This might not apply to those in warm-weather places, but you can get some great deals on a jacket, gloves, and anything else needed with winter fast approaching. Macy’s might be the best place to find deals ahead of Black Friday, as they already having things on sale and are also offering an additional 20% off on many items. But most stores you walk into or buy online from on Black Friday should have some nice deals.


Gift Cards

Many people prefer cash to gift cards, but you personally can get a discount by buying a gift card from somewhere during Black Friday. Similarly, Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus, and iTunes gift cards can also be found cheaper around this time.



Amazon almost always offers deals on physical discs like Blu-rays, but the deals everywhere get even better when November and December hit. One example is a four-pack of the first four movies in the DC Universe (Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman) for only $34.99 (savings of over 50%). This doesn’t only apply to movies, either, as seasons of television shows are getting massive discounts, like the complete series of The Wire getting its prices cut drastically by both Amazon and Best Buy.


Smart home devices

If you’ve wanted a smart home device, the time is coming to get a discount on one. Basically all of Amazon’s Echo and Alexa Family and Google’s Google Home will be on sale during Black Friday, so it’s a good time to think about getting one if you’re interested.


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