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Injustice 2

Why Doesn’t Marvel Have A Game Like DC’s ‘Injustice’ Series?

If you aren’t familiar with Warner Bros.’ Injustice series, it’s one of the best fighting-game experiences available—think the DC’s heroes and villains being inserted into a supercharged but less violent Mortal Kombat game. There are many characters, and each hero or villain has their own unique set of moves that have to do with their comic-book and movie powers. Batman uses his trademark utility belt and Batarang, while Superman can do flying attacks and use heat vision.


Injustice: Gods Among Us was the first of the series, and it released in 2013. Then, Injustice 2 was released last year (a year ago tomorrow, actually). Both games have spectacular story modes, as the story continues from one game to the other. It’s worth playing for any fans of the DC universe.


The first game was fun, especially the story mode, but things really picked up with Injustice 2. The customization is stunning, as there are many unique skins and gear that can be applied to each character. As good as Gods Among Us was, Injustice 2 somehow blows it away. It would be a surprise if a third Injustice game wasn’t on the way at some point in the next few years, but Marvel doesn’t have a game that comes close to matching up with it.


Given Marvel’s popularity, they would probably sell a ton of copies of an Injustice-style video game. So why hasn’t it happened?


It isn’t Marvel’s style

While things might have gotten intense with a couple recent movies with “War” in the title, including the destructive Avengers: Infinity War, the Disney-owned Marvel is light-hearted for movies that involve supervillains that want to destroy the world. Meanwhile, DC has been dark, tough, and gritty. A game that is based on fighting is more of DC’s style than it is Marvel’s.


Marvel vs. Capcom

Marvel does have a fighting video game series, as they’ve had a partnership with Capcom since 1996. A lot of you have probably played the arcade game at some point in your life. They just had a game, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, release last year; but it wasn’t close to as highly-regarded as Injustice 2. There’s nothing wrong with Capcom, but a solely-Marvel game that is as in-depth as DC’s fighting would probably sell well—but it doesn’t appear Marvel is interested in that.


DC fighters are more skilled

The Marvel vs. Capcom games are fun, but the fighting isn’t quite as realistic as in Injustice. Part of the reason is that DC’s characters simply have more skill as fighters than Marvel’s characters. Ironman, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, and company are awesome, but for the most part, they don’t have the skill nor the unique superpowers that DC heroes do. The skills and abilities of Batman and Superman translate better to video games than Ironman in his suit or Captain America’s ability with the Super-Soldier Serum.


Marvel doesn’t have many great villains

The Injustice series features Superman becoming a villain of sorts. While the Avengers might have their squabbles, it’s hard to see any of them actually turning into a villain. Even without Superman going against some of DC’s heroes, the universe has some of the most iconic villains of all-time, like the Joker, Bane, Scarecrow, Braniac, and Darkseid. Thanos (who is based on Darkseid) is certainly gaining in popularity with Infinity War, but Marvel’s quantity and quality of villains does not match DC’s.


Marvel doesn’t own something like NetherRealm Studios

The biggest reason DC is able to make something as great as Injustice is they have the infrastructure to do so. Warner Bros., who owns DC, purchased Midway and Mortal Kombat in 2009, and they created NetherRealm Studios shortly after to oversee the series along with InjusticeMortal Kombat has been at the top of the fighting game for over a decade, so the tools were there to create a very similar game featuring DC characters. Ultimately, Marvel would need to either make a big commitment to building something similar from the ground up to construct the same type of games as Injustice.


  • Vincent Gélinas

    Disagree about Marvel not having great villains. Although Batman has the greatest rogue gallery, Spiderman comes second in my mind. Thanos, Loki and Magneto are also among the best villains of all.

  • kit

    Is this a Joke? about Marvel not having greatest villain and Marvel heroes not having unique skills? Guess this author is a little DC fan boy.

  • Icxdm15

    If they do this, the most legendary characters will fuse, and you’ll have the most powerful characters in existence. Imagine being able to destroy Earth with Black Bolt speaking, or using Hope Summers’ mutant abilities to kill anyone. This would be the most legendary thing to ever happen in the comics. Or, the DLCs would be from different storylines like the Runaways Universe. Or even crazier, using Legion’s powers to kill every telekinetic superhero. This would be the coolest.

  • Mason

    You made valid points but the villains part I completely disagree. I think when most people think of marvel they think of The Avengers, Iron Man, Spider-Man,(etc). However there is other Marvel “bands of heroes and villains” like The X-Men and the rest of the unfamiliar Marvel bands

  • Br&o

    Definitely disagree with the villain comment. Marvel has awesome villains. Norman Osborn, Thanks, magneto, dormammu, Mephisto, galactus, and plenty more including the best of all………DR. DOOOOOOM

  • Sully Fox

    1). Marvel characters don’t have the skills? First off, Captain America would beat the living shit out of Bruce Wayne, and Thor (comic book, not movie) could go toe-to-toe with Superman easily.

    2). Villains. Thanos, Doctor Octopus, Ultron, Magneto, Dr. Doom, the list goes on.

    Marvel doesn’t own anything like NetherRealm studios, sure, but it doesn’t mean they could create something, especially if enough people were interested. Disney certainly has the means, and they’ve been flirting with the idea of more adult oriented projects, which they’ll have to if they want to do something with all of FOX properties they just purchased.

    They could run with the Civil War storyline and do something pretty interesting, and being that Disney owns so many other characters, I’m guessing the guest list could be pretty insane.

    This is the roster I’d run with:

    -Iron-Man -Dr. Doom
    -Captain America -Magneto
    -Black Panther -Sabretooth
    -Spider-Man -Venom
    -Wolverine -Black Cat
    -Black Widow -Emma Frost
    -Psylocke -Thanos
    -Captain Marvel -Loki
    -Nova -Mystique
    -Thor -Bullseye
    -Hulk -Doctor Octopus
    -Dr. Strange -Green Goblin
    -Cyclops -Abomination
    -Jean Grey -Juggernaut
    -DareDevil -Task Master

  • Chamalife

    Marvel has an amazing Mobile Game similar to Injustice 2 called Marvel’s Contest Of Champions
    It’s nothing like the experience of Injustice 2 but it’s also not bad it’s actually great they made millions with the IAP so in a way they already have the Injustice that marvel fans want and to be honest I would say it’s the best fighting game on mobile it beats MK, Injustice, Shadow Fight,
    The king of all fighters, and other fighting mobile games

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