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Will The Look Of The New iPhone Give Apple Issues?

This time next month, the newest version of Apple’s iPhone might be fully revealed. Despite many rumors and leaks, we don’t know exactly what the newest iPhone will look like, but there are some features/changes that appear to be locked in. One that could give Apple some issues is the “all-screen” design, which basically eliminates space one all edges of the face of device, allowing for more screen space. There are a few examples and concepts of the design, but they are all almost exactly the same and feature a cutout at the top of the face.




(By the way, that is apparently a new color for the iPhone, “Blush Gold”.) As you can see, the screen dips down at the top, presumably for the front-facing camera and other features like sensors (ambient light and/or proximity). In my opinion, it’s kind of an ugly look—at least compared to some of the other phones out there.


In black, though, the phone looks a lot cleaner. Visualizer/designer Martin Hajek made some awesome renders that show what the new iPhones might look like.


Picture courtesy: Martin Hajek


To me, the black looks nice, while the white cutout sticks out like a sore thumb on the other versions. You can visit Martin Hajek’s site to see for yourself what you think, but these two give a noticeable contrast between the black versus the non-black.


Picture courtesy: Martin Hajek


Picture courtesy: Martin Hajek


These are renders, so we won’t know exactly what they look like until Tim Cook and Apple introduces the new iPhone this fall. Some people, if they feel the way I do, might only be interested in the black version of the iPhone (if they do end up looking like this). If enough people think like that, Apple might have an issue with supplying them with the phones they like and want.


On the other hand, people might just rather have the phone than worry about the actual color choice if the color they want isn’t available. It’s not like Apple has much of an issue selling iPhones. And maybe some people totally disagree and have no issue with the look of a noticeable cutout at the top of the phone’s face.

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