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Kyle Zedaker/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2021 Fantasy Football Mock Draft 6.0: 12-Team, PPR Auction

This week’s fantasy mock draft (using the FantasyPros draft simulator) is for a 12-team, PPR auction league. You can view mocks from previous weeks using the links below:


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[Note: Players nominated by me are in italics, and selections are in bold]


Round 1

1.01: Christian McCaffrey, CAR RB ($68)

1.02: Derrick Henry, TEN RB ($52)

1.03: Nick Chubb, CLE RB ($38)

1.04: Najee Harris, PIT RB ($41)

1.05: Dalvin Cook, MIN RB ($62)

1.06: Alvin Kamara, NO RB ($59)

1.07: Ezekiel Elliott, DAL RB ($45)

1.08: Saquon Barkley, NYG RB ($47)

1.09: Tyreek Hill, KC WR ($38)

1.10: Davante Adams, GB WR ($39)

1.11: Jonathan Taylor, IND RB ($43)

1.12: Austin Ekeler, LAC RB ($47)


Thoughts: I mainly nominated Kamara to get others to bid high for him, but perhaps the final price ($59) should have led to me being more serious about getting him for myself. Still, I’ll gladly take Adams at a huge discount in full PPR leagues.


Round 2

2.01: Aaron Jones, GB RB ($44)

2.02: D.J. Moore, CAR WR ($23)

2.03: Travis Kelce, KC TE ($45)

2.04: Clyde Edwards-Helaire, KC RB ($39)

2.05: Stefon Diggs, BUF WR ($38)

2.06: Patrick Mahomes, KC QB ($29)

2.07: Kyle Pitts, ATL TE ($22)

2.08: Mike Evans, TB WR ($28)

2.09: Calvin Ridley, ATL WR ($37)

2.10: DeAndre Hopkins, ARI WR ($33)

2.11: Joe Mixon, CIN RB ($40)

2.12: D.K. Metcalf, SEA WR ($30)


Thoughts: My plan was to go for a cheap, midrange QB1 option, but you need to be flexible in an auction draft—and Mahomes was a target if he stayed under $30. Now I have arguably the top quarterback and wide receiver to start my squad without breaking the bank.


Round 3

3.01: A.J. Brown, TEN WR ($28)

3.02: Justin Jefferson, MIN WR ($30)

3.03: Antonio Gibson, WAS RB ($38)

3.04: Chris Carson, SEA RB ($34)

3.05: Justin Herbert, LAC QB ($27)

3.06: Darren Waller, LV TE ($29) 

3.07: Ja’Marr Chase, CIN WR ($14)

3.08: David Montgomery, CHI RB ($37)

3.09: Keenan Allen, LAC WR ($29)

3.10: J.K. Dobbins, BAL RB ($34)

3.11: Travis Etienne, JAX RB ($29)

3.12: Robert Woods, LAR WR ($29)


Thoughts: I had the same exact strategy for Waller as I did Mahomes, so the roster has another high-end option for under $30. There is still plenty of money to work with as guys like Chris Carson and David Montgomery get boosted after I nearly got them in the $20-$25 range.


Round 4

4.01: George Kittle, KC TE ($28)

4.02: Allen Robinson, CHI WR ($21)

4.03: Will Fuller, MIA WR ($3)

4.04: Josh Allen, BUF QB ($28)

4.05: Terry McLaurin, WAS WR ($22)

4.06: D’Andre Swift, DET RB ($36)

4.07: Robby Anderson, CAR WR ($11)

4.08: Mike Williams, LAC WR ($3)

4.09: Diontae Johnson, PIT WR ($16)

4.10: Kareem Hunt, CLE RB ($23)

4.11: Logan Thomas, WAS TE ($6)

4.12: Julio Jones, TEN WR ($14)


Thoughts: The final prices for Mike Williams and Julio Jones were worth targeting, but seeing how high running backs continue to go for after nominating D’Andre Swift has me a bit worried about needing to eventually spend up for that position.


Round 5

5.01: CeeDee Lamb, DAL WR ($16)

5.02: Kenny Golladay, NYG WR ($10)

5.03: Josh Jacobs, LV RB ($30)

5.04: Zack Moss, BUF RB ($11)

5.05: Miles Sanders, PHI RB ($30)

5.06: Jamaal Williams, DET RB ($10)

5.07: Kyler Murray, ARI QB ($24)

5.08: Mark Andrews, BAL TE ($17)

5.09: Chase Edmonds, ARI RB ($26)

5.10: Darrell Henderson, LAR RB ($23)

5.11: Chris Godwin, TB WR ($16)

5.12: Myles Gaskin, MIA RB ($22)


Thoughts: I knew prices for running backs would continue to be out of control when Lamb and Golladay went cheap, and then I was even unable to sneak Williams in for less than $10. Instead, I’ll get another WR1 option with Godwin after learning from the Lamb bidding.


Round 6

6.01: Tyler Lockett, SEA WR ($17)

6.02: Adam Thielen, MIN WR ($14)

6.03: Amari Cooper, DAL WR ($17)

6.04: Lamar Jackson, BAL QB ($19)

6.05: Odell Beckham Jr., CLE WR ($8)

6.06: Mike Davis, ATL RB ($19)

6.07: Dak Prescott, DAL QB ($16)

6.08: Tee Higgins, CIN WR ($11)

6.09: T.J. Hockenson, DET TE ($12)

6.10: Cooper Kupp, LAR WR ($15)

6.11: D.J. Chark, JAX WR ($7)

6.12: Adam Trautman, NO TE ($1)


Thoughts: Davis was nominated because the room hadn’t seen a running back in a few picks, and while $19 was a quality value, I still think I can do better with $40 more than the rest of the league to work with.


Round 7

7.01: Trey Sermon, SF RB ($8)

7.02: JuJu Smith-Schuster, PIT WR ($8)

7.03: Kenyan Drake, LV RB ($8)

7.04: Michael Thomas, NO WR ($6)

7.05: Aaron Rodgers, GB QB ($12)

7.06: Brandon Aiyuk, SF WR ($10)

7.07: Russell Wilson, SEA QB ($9)

7.08: Ronald Jones II, TB RB ($7)

7.09: Damien Harris, NE RB ($9)

7.10: James Robinson, JAX RB ($9)

7.11: Courtland Sutton, DEN WR ($7)

7.12: Matthew Stafford, LAR QB ($3)


Thoughts: This round is where my patience finally paid off, as I was able to acquire four of my main targets at a significant discount—particularly the San Francisco duo of Sermon and Aiyuk.


Round 8

8.01: Chase Claypool, PIT WR ($6)

8.02: David Johnson, HOU RB ($6)

8.03: Javonte Williams, DEN RB ($6)

8.04: Tom Brady, TB QB ($6)

8.05: Robert Tonyan, GB TE ($5)

8.06: Michael Carter, NYJ RB ($6)

8.07: Trevor Lawrence, JAX QB ($3)

8.08: Rob Gronkowski, TB TE ($2)

8.09: Melvin Gordon, DEN RB ($6)

8.10: Raheem Mostert, SF RB ($5)

8.11: Deebo Samuel, SF WR ($4)

8.12: Ryan Tannehill, TEN QB ($3)


Thoughts: Williams was a definite target to get another upside running back on the roster, but I still have tons of money to play with and can basically overpay for who I want. Despite already having Mahomes and Waller, the absolute bargain Tampa Bay stack by adding Brady and Gronk to the roster was impossible to pass up.


Round 9

9.01: Gus Edwards, BAL RB ($3)

9.02: DeVante Parker, MIA WR ($2)

9.03: DeVonta Smith, PHI WR ($4)

9.04: Dallas Goedert, PHI TE ($3)

9.05: Buccaneers D/ST ($2)

9.06: Antonio Brown, TB WR ($3)

9.07: Marquise Brown, BAL WR ($3)

9.08: Tyler Higbee, LAR TE ($3)

9.09: A.J. Dillon, GB RB ($4)

9.10: Matt Ryan, ATL QB ($3)

9.11: Alexander Mattison, MIN RB ($2)

9.12: Jameis Winston, NO QB ($1)


Thoughts: I didn’t really have to mess around to complete my roster (aside from kicker), as Smith, Brown, and Dillon were my targets—and I realized no one could outbid me for the Tampa Bay defense.


Round 10

10.01: Curtis Samuel, WAS WR ($3)

10.02: Tyler Boyd, CIN WR ($4)

10.03: Evan Engram, NYG TE ($2)

10.04: Rams D/ST ($1)

10.05: Harrison Butker, KC K ($1)

10.06: Justin Tucker, BAL K ($1)

10.07: Noah Fant, DEN TE ($4)

10.08: Ryan Fitzpatrick, WAS QB ($1)

10.09: Nyheim Hines, IND RB ($5)

10.10: Jerry Jeudy, DEN WR ($4)

10.11: Trey Lance, SF QB ($1)

10.12: Devin Singletary, BUF RB ($4)


Thoughts: I have $25 leftover and obviously would have been better off spending big on a running back like Chris Carson ($34) early, but on the other hand, the leverage filling out the rest of my roster would have been gone. Every auction draft is different, but I didn’t at all expect to get the players after Adams, Mahomes, and Waller at such low prices.


[My roster is complete, so I won’t go through the final six rounds; instead the entire draft can be viewed here (https://dw.fantasypros.com/w/wJjCq4UD) with FantasyPros adding some cool new features to the mock simulator that allows users to analyze the final results.]


Final Roster

QB: Patrick Mahomes, KC

RB: Trey Sermon, SF

RB: Ronald Jones II, TB

WR: Davante Adams, GB

WR: Chris Godwin, TB

TE: Darren Waller, LV

FLEX: Brandon Aiyuk, SF WR

D/ST: Buccaneers

K: Justin Tucker, BAL K

BE: James Robinson, JAX RB

BE: Javonte Williams, DEN RB

BE: Tom Brady, TB QB

BE: Rob Gronkowski, TB TE

BE: DeVonta Smith, PHI WR

BE: Antonio Brown, TB WR

BE: A.J. Dillon, GB RB


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