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D. Myles Cullen

The Best 3-on-3 Olympic Basketball Teams Imaginable

If you haven’t heard, 3-on-3 basketball has been added to the Summer Olympics in 2020. Last week, we looked at some other games that should be added to the Olympics, but now it’s time to squad up and pick the best 3-on-3 team for the new event. [Note: this is not a projection for 2020, but instead the best teams possible right now]


TEAM ELITE: Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard

Let’s start with arguably the best team on the list, as these three are perhaps the three best in the game right now. KD, LeBron, and Kawhi are all versatile, two-way players that would be impossible to defend and difficult to score on.


TEAM SPEED: LeBron James, John Wall, Russell Westbrook

A trio of LeBron, Wall, and Westbrook would be a nightmare in a three-on-three setting. Good luck trying to stay in front of these guys.


TEAM BUCKETS: James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard

Well, if you can’t defend, you might as well be able to score. That is not to say that these three aren’t good defenders, but Harden, Kyrie, and Dame can score the ball at the highest level imaginable.


TEAM DUNK: Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Andrew Wiggins

I wouldn’t write this squad off, as sometimes a team that looks like they don’t have a chance ends up dominating. Plus, even if they don’t have the perimeter presence to compete, Team Dunk would provide plenty of highlights.


TEAM UNICORN: Joel Embiid, Nikola Jokic, Karl-Anthony Towns

Team Unicorn shouldn’t be written off, either. “The Process,” “The Joker,” and “KAT” would just have to bully the competition, and once they get possession, it’ll be difficult to stop them from backing down the surely smaller opponents for easy points.


TEAM THREE: Stephen Curry, Kyle Korver, Klay Thompson

Do you ever play NBA Jam and choose a three-point shooting team? Because I used to do that. Sure, unstoppable dunks are cool, but sometimes the easiest path to victory is simply shooting the lights out.


TEAM LOCKDOWN: Joel Embiid, Kawhi Leonard, Chris Paul

Now this team might actually have a good shot of beating Team Elite, though we’d need a cloning machine for Kawhi Leonard to see. Chris Paul is among the toughest defenders at any position in the NBA, as is Kawhi, and Embiid proved he is the NBA’s best big when he is on the court. Switching CP3 with KD or LeBron would be interesting here, too.


Think you have a 3-on-3 squad that would win it all? Let us know in the comments below!


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