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‘Madden 18’ Thanksgiving Promo Headlined By Barry Sanders

As long-time gamers know, Madden always has a big promo in Madden Utlimate Team for each of the three major holidays in the fall and winter. Last month, they had “Most Feared” for Halloween, and today, they released “Madden Harvest” for Thanksgiving. The new cards, sets, and challenges are headlined by one of the greatest (I think THE greatest) running backs of all time in Barry Sanders and Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin, but there is plenty of content. Here is what it looks like based on the blog from Muthead, with notable cards not in the blog and some thoughts below that.



-Harvester of Solos – When you first log in to MUT today, you’ll receive an 80 OVR Michael Irvin that will unlock a solo sequence called “Harvester of Solos.” By beating the solo sequences, you’ll be able to earn rewards and upgrade Irvin to an 84 OVR. Irvin can be upgraded incrementally all the way to a 93 OVR.

-Turkey Shoot – The Turkey Shoot contains 3 solo challenges that will only be available for 24 hours. There will be 3 new challenges every day at 10:30 AM ET until 11/23. By completing these challenges you earn coins and Harvest Tokens.

-Backyard Games – There are 24 challenges in the Backyard Games sequence. You will earn a total of 33,500 coins and 8 Harvest Tokens if you complete all 24 challenges.



Harvest Upgrades – Add Michael Irvin and Harvest Tokens to upgrade Michael Irvin all the way to a 93 OVR. Here are the requirements for each incremental upgrade:


84 OVR – Requires 80 OVR Irvin and 1x Harvest Token.

86 OVR – Requires 84 OVR Irvin and 6x Harvest Tokens.

89 OVR – Requires 86 OVR Irvin and 8x Harvest Tokens.

91 OVR – Requires 89 OVR Irvin and 10x Harvest Tokens.

93 OVR – Requires 91 OVR Irvin and 12x Harvest Tokens.


Guest of Honor

-Barry Sanders – Add all 4 of the Guest of Honor players to earn King of Thanksgiving Barry Sanders, plus you’ll get all of the Guest of Honors back as NAT items.

-Guest of Honor – Harvest players have food items. There are 8 different types of food (Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Pumpkin Pie, Corn, Green Beans, Gravy, and Cranberry). It takes one of each to unlock a single Guest of Honor.

-Cultivators – The Cultivators require 30 Madden Harvest Tokens to complete their sets. Each Cultivator is a 90 OVR NAT to start, but if they meet certain conditions during Thanksgiving Day games then they will be permanently upgraded and become Auctionable/Tradeable. Here are all of the Cultivators:


-Xavier Rhodes

-Glover Quinn

-Hunter Henry

-Dak Prescott

-Jason Pierre-Paul

-Chris Thompson


Harvest Exchange

-Harvest Token to Gold Harvest Player – Earn 1 random Gold Madden Harvest player

-Gold Harvest Players to Harvest Token – Exchange 2 Gold Madden Harvest players to earn 1 Madden Harvest Token

-Gold Harvest to Elite Harvest Player – Add any 20 Harvest Gold players to earn 1x random Elite Harvest Player

-Harvest Tokens to Cornucopia Pack –  Add 32 Harvest Tokens to earn 1 Cornucopia Pack. The Cornucopia packs contain 1 player from 10 different programs.


Not listed in the blog are the Guests of Honor cards. They are Cardinals LOLB Chandler Jones, Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey, Dolphins WR Jarvis Landry, and Eagles RT Lane Johnson, all of which are 91 OVR.


I’ll have to make the final determination when I can hop on and play, but my first impression is that it’s a vast improvement over “Most Feared,” which I and many others called a disappointment. Older football fans will want to get their hands on Barry Sanders based on pure nostalgia of seeing him play on Thanksgiving every year, while the younger generation will see the sick stats and do whatever it takes to get him on their MUT squad.


You can play the game or visit Muthead for all the cards and ratings, but here are some notable cards that weren’t listed in the blog that I’m excited about:

-Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt (89 OVR)

-Ravens DT Brandon Williams (88 OVR)

-Falcons MLB Deion Jones (88 OVR)

-Eagles C Jason Kelce (87 OVR)

-Lions ROLB Tahir Whitehead (86 OVR)

-Patriots WR Danny Amendola (86 OVR)

-Vikings LT Riley Reiff (79 OVR)

-Texans LB Zach Cunningham (78 OVR)

-Rams WR Cooper Kupp (78 OVR)

-Colts QB Jacoby Brissett (77 OVR)

-Jets FS Marcus Maye (77 OVR)


Enjoy the new cards (and food) until the Christmas promo arrives next month.

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