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NBA 2K18 Video Blog Confirms Return Of ‘The Prelude’

In exactly one month, NBA 2K18 “The Prelude” will be available for free to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network users in the lead up to the full game release on September 19. This information was revealed at the conclusion of the newest blog for the game—a video blog released on YouTube.



The video is self-explanatory and only about three minutes long, so it’s worth watching if you are interested in the game. But 2K made some huge upgrades to a game that’s looking like it will be the best of the entire series, which would be quite the feat. Some of the improvements include:


  • Player Accuracy: The 2K Team rebuilt every player’s face from scratch, and they revamped the body system so each player looks like an accurate representation of themselves (no more child-like bodies for Steph Curry).


  • Better Uniforms and Gear: As the NBA made the switch to Nike as their uniform supplier, 2K made improvements to the uniforms in NBA 2K. They focused on the fit of the uniforms and ensured exact colors by taking a trip to the NBA office in NYC. Also, they scanned more accessories—if you watch the video, you’ll see how detailed the tights and other gear is.


  • My Player Design: For NBA 2K18, they improved the face scan feature (we’ll believe it when we see it), but also made improvements to the ability to design players faces in the game without the face scan. Perhaps more important is body weight, height, and wingspan being more accurate; before, it felt like weight didn’t have much of an impact on your player.


Overall, NBA 2K18 looks like it will be the best visual game of the series by far. This video confirms suspicions of the game being much improved visually, which is very exciting. We can’t wait to get our hands on the game and test it all out.


NBA 2K18 releases on September 19. “The Prelude” is available for download on September 8.


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