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The Ten Most Ridiculous Lamar Jackson Draft Takes On Twitter

If you have paid attention over the last week, there has been a ton of talk about former Louisville Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson and whether he is a good quarterback prospect (including here at White Wolf). The debate will rage on for the weeks leading up to the draft, but there have already been some really stupid takes on Twitter, so we’re going through the worst of the worst so far. Bill Polian did not tweet his opinion on Jackson being too short at 6’3”, but that would be on here if he did.


10. Michael Vick himself said Jackson is way better than he was.



9. What do Josh Allen’s statistics have to do with concerns about Lamar Jackson?



8. It is not always about race; don’t just ignore the same historical discussions on Tim Tebow, Matt Jones, and white quarterbacks that have had questions simply because they are athletic.



7. Not everyone has to think the way you do.



6. Ryan Clark of ESPN makes it a race thing.



5. Yeah, buddy, it’s institutional racism.



4. Of course.



3. ESPN has a show that is all about debating—you don’t know how to disagree with someone?



2. Sounds like someone jumped the gun and criticized Jackson without really watching him play.



1. The easy winner: Josh Allen being in the draft has nothing to do with Lamar Jackson’s ability.




People seem to be failing to understand that liking Lamar Jackson and liking Josh Allen are not mutually exclusive.


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